Heart of Darkness

In this sixth-season Xena episode (originally airing 16 November 2000), Alex was incredible as the beautiful, ambitious Archangel Lucifer, who is torn between his faith and his desires. Subtly manipulated by the Archangels Michael and Raphael and by Xena, he eventually succombs to his desires and fulfills his destiny to be the ruler of hell.

This episode was quite steamy and very sexy. Wow. And Lucifer was a big part of that. He and Xena had amazing chemistry. The loss of his looks at the end was tragic.

I got a little carried away with the snaps. He had some great facial expressions. Unfortunately, because of the lighting, some are a little dark, but all in all, I think they turned out OK. Enjoy! I sure did!

hod03lucifer.jpg hod04lucifer.jpg hod07lucifer.jpg hod08lucifer.jpg hod09lucifer.jpg
hod10lucifer.jpg hod13lucifer.jpg hod14lucifer.jpg hod15lucifer.jpg hod16lucifer.jpg
hod17lucifer.jpg hod18lucifer.jpg hod19lucifer.jpg hod20lucifer.jpg hod21lucifer.jpg
hod22lucifer.jpg hod23lucifer.jpg hod24lucifer.jpg hod25lucifer.jpg hod26lucifer.jpg
hod27lucifer.jpg hod28lucifer.jpg hod29lucifer.jpg hod30lucifer.jpg hod36lucifer.jpg

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I also have snaps of Virgil and Michael from this episode.

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